Considered the birthplace of Portugal, its history is closely linked to the national history and identity. Distinguished by its unique heritage, its historic centre is one of the most beautiful and exemplarily restored, recognized by UNESCO in 2001 as a World Heritage Site. It is a charming city full of history, reflected in numerous national monuments and iconic buildings scattered throughout the city.Its people are equally unique, proud of their city, aware of their heritage with an extraordinary ability to host visitors.


Alfa Atlântica – Parque das Hortas II

Located in a very central area of ​​the city, about 150m from the emblematic historical centre and about 50m from one of the most emblematic squares of the city, known as "Campo da Feira" (Largo da República Brasil), it is certainly a privileged location. Those who have the opportunity of living in this area can feel the city in a calm and comfortable way, without the need of transportation to access all the amenities offered downtown. This is a very luminous place that benefits from views on south to Monte da Penha, on north to the Castle and on east to the area where the Church of S. Marinha da Costa is located.

The Venture

It is part of a land classified in the Municipal Master Plan of Guimarães as Urban Soil - Central Spaces and Special Protection Zone to the area defined by UNESCO as World Heritage. Located on the opposite corner of Rua Rei Pegu, where the first phase of this project is built, this new volume will fill the existing gable to the east, continuing the architecture created in phase I. The grid of prefabricated concrete elements is maintained, unitary and repetitive, with old pink pigment, giving continuity to the rhythm and idealized image, marking and definitively consolidating this place. This facade system will reduce the volumetric impact and will create a reference in the set image that defines it. It also gives comfort to the rooms, thermally protected from the south exposure and giving privacy to enjoy the wide balconies. The building consists of 15 apartments spread over 6 floors, with different types from T1 to T4 Plus and a Penthouse on the top floor.


The architectural project is the responsibility of the Pitagoras Group office, based in Guimarães and with about 30 years of existence, whose partners are Raul Roque, Alexandre Coelho Lima and Manuel Roque.Pitagoras Group always works closely with its customers, companies and future users to create buildings and constructions that serve its beneficiaries and can be contemporary and distinctive reference elements, always considering the conditions and surroundings in which each project develops. Pithagoras permanently coordinates a multidisciplinary team of about 40 professionals, prepared for rapid response meeting the stablished deadlines to programs of increased complexity, leading each project, local or international, large or small, with a view to satisfying the general interest of its clients, always founded on strong architectural principles and ethics.

Pitagoras Group