Privileged location in OPorto

Voted as the best European destination for the third time, world heritage and European capital of culture, Oporto is a hospitable, contemporary and creative city. With beautiful landscapes along the river and the sea where we can find green spaces, typical streets, architecture, museums, terraces from the most traditional to modern and unique ones. Due to the abundance of its artistic heritage, of Port Wine, countless spaces dedicated to leisure and its cultural life, Oporto enchants. With a scenic beauty along the seaside, this avenue offers a pedestrian route, places for the practice of physical activity, several green spaces and terraces to enjoy and relax, as well as bathing areas awarded with blue flag. The Brazil Avenue (Avenida do Brasil) is one of the most emblematic areas in Oporto, and a residential area of excellence, where the real estate investment has a unique strength. The Panorama Building is located on the Atlantic seaside in Oporto. Its privileged location in the city of Porto offers an opportunity to use housing facilities and having outstanding views.


Alfa Atlântica – Panorama Building

Resulting from the union of two separate buildings (the rehabilitation of an existing building and the construction of a new one), you can find unique environments in each of the nine residential fractions. The existing old palace, beyond the outer magnificent ornament and the high ceilings on the inside, stands out by its design and careful treatment of the stucco ceilings, window frames, flooring and wooden plinths and an outstanding interior staircase. The design preserves the existing spatial relationships which distinguish this building from the others. The new building, resulting from the composition of a prefabricated concrete structure, provides fluid and continuous spaces, in direct visual contact with the sea. The lightweight framework that involves the built area, not only opens the apartments to different visual quadrants (east, south and west) as participates actively in indoor and outdoor spaces of the apartments, clipping the landscape with different "paintings".


The commitment and quality that characterizes the projects of this architecture office is present in the client monitoring, adjusting the details of each fraction to the demands of the most exclusive customers. Pedra Líquida was created in 2006 by Alexandra Grande, Nuno Grande and Daniela Coutinho, focusing their work within the architecture, engineering and construction management. With a dynamic based on teamwork, Pedra Líquida loves to look and live the city and believe in their evolution and progressive consolidation. While multipurpose collective it involves both in the rehabilitation projects of urban buildings as well as in projects of buildings for housing (single-family and collective) and with hospitality sector and exhibition projects. Although with distinct characters, these interventions seeking to have its own identity, don't forget about the identity of the city itself, together with the action of time, society, culture and so many other factors involved in the city.

Pedra Liquida