Characteristics of the Apartment

Luxury apartment with 280m2, superb views of the beautiful Serra da Penha and also the city.
Three fronts with an elegant terrace of 140m2 facing south, which extends by balconies that flank this property and naturally illuminate the entire housing area.


A contemporary kitchen expressed by a central island, with all the features that such an apartment requires. In its intimate area are 4 suites, all surrounded by generous balconies, where you can enjoy the sunny days to relax.


There is also an interior garden located in the centre of the dwelling that connects the modern with nature, transmitting a special calmness. Combining contemporary architecture, noble materials and magnificent location, it undoubtedly becomes a unique apartment that meets all the conditions of excellence.

T4 Plus

Characteristics of the Apartment

Exclusive apartment with three fronts. Privileging to its social area facing south and west, it offers views over Serra da Penha and also over the historic area of ​​the city.


It has four suites and a large kitchen with the particularity of having a central island, making it a more modern and functional space.


To all the comfort associated with an apartment of this size, there are also 60m2 of balconies that anticipate moments of tranquillity, with sunset views over the city.


Characteristics of the Apartment

Exclusive apartment with three fronts and excellent sun exposure. It favours the social area, all facing south with consolidated views over the beautiful Serra da Penha.

It enjoys exceptional brightness as well as superior quality of materials and finishes, making them essential for your comfort and well-being.

To the more than 220m2 of living area add 56m2 of balconies, so you can enjoy an outdoor space with all the convenience and tranquillity.

T3 + 1 Plus

Characteristics of the Apartment

Exclusive apartment with three fronts, privileging its social area facing south. This apartment is distinguished by the generous social areas and by the space for an office that allows access to the common area outside the apartment, making it very functional. It is located in a part of ​​the venture that brings you more privacy but benefiting from the unaltered views of Monte da Penha.


Keeping the harmony of all spaces, this apartment has also generous balconies all around.

T3 + 1

Characteristics of the Apartment

Very balanced and functional apartment, with all its divisions facing south to the beautiful Serra da Penha. This apartment has the particularity of facing a large sun exposure, providing an ideal natural heating to the house.


It also has a space for an office that allows you access to the common outdoor area of ​​the apartment, making it very functional.


Characteristics of the Apartment

Apartments with very generous and balanced areas for this type of typology. The highlight is the social area for its breadth, with two fronts, facing west and east, as well as the privileged location of the kitchen in the apartment, which is quite functional.


These are between floors 2 and 4, and there are only three apartments of this type. The apartment is flanked with generous balconies featuring the immense brightness that runs throughout the dwelling.


This unique development surprises by the elegance of contemporary lines, perfectly integrated with the excellence of its finishes.

Alfa Atlântica
Alfa Atlântica


Characteristics of the Apartment

Exclusive apartment with three fronts, located in a privileged area of ​​the city. It has a generous 131m2 of housing area and enjoys 36m2 of outdoor area.


It fits into a totally modern and bold building where noble finishes are used. The distribution of each space is very well defined making the apartment very functional.


Characteristics of the Apartment

This exclusive T1, with 62m2 and quality finishes, has a suite with very generous areas, where you will find all the comfort.

Fully equipped and very functional, it also privileges a private box for a car, a small luxury in the heart of the city.