Considered the birthplace of Portugal, its history is closely linked to the national history and identity. Distinguished by its unique heritage, its historic centre is one of the most beautiful and exemplarily restored, recognized by UNESCO in 2001 as a World Heritage Site.It is a charming city full of history, reflected in numerous national monuments and iconic buildings scattered throughout the city.Its people are equally unique, proud of their city, aware of their heritage with an extraordinary ability to host visitors.


Alfa Atlântica – Edifício Magnolia

New project situated in the high zone of the city, right in the centre, in one of the main arteries of Guimarães. Ideal place for those who search for an exclusive apartment, of only 9 housing fractions with a unique identity.This building will consolidate the corner between Av. D. João IV and Street Pablo VI, facing south with a sight toward Penha, benefiting from an excellent solar exposition.

The Venture

The building is part of a plot of land in an area classified in the PDM as Municipal Ecological Structure - Level II, Urban Soil, Urbanized Soil, Central Spaces, and in the new ARU area.It maintains the height of the existing building to the north, with 4 floors, and at the front facing Av. D. João IV, there is one more floor than the opposite building. However, in these backrest situations, the decision was made to setback the façade and create terrace spaces related to the common areas of the houses, thus adding truly usable space to them. The guardrails will be made with flowerpots of different sizes, which will also define the image that is intended for the building.Despite these setbacks and breaks in volume, the image presented is of a compact building. However, through the marking of the slabs and the choice of materials, this image is intentionally diminished.The facades will be coated with “Etics” and ceramic, thus solving the thermal insulation of the construction. This exterior cladding will be placed on vertically drilled thermal ceramic brick walls, being thermally more efficient.Inside, the houses will have dividing brick walls. Acoustic blankets will be used to prevent the passage of noise between apartments through the floors, in addition to the acoustic treatment of the dividing walls between fractions.Water heating will be done using a "heat pump". Air conditioning will be carried out using air conditioning with a "multi-split" system, and the bathrooms will be heated with electric underfloor heating. Centralized mechanical ventilation systems will also be installed in all toilets.The exterior frames will be in aluminum with thermal break and double glazing.Roofs will also be built using the "inverted roof" system, with insulation thicknesses suited to climate conditions, as provided for in existing regulations.It will therefore be a building that cares for constructive issues of thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as energy efficiency and construction durability, which are fundamental concerns in the execution of the project and in the respective work.


The architectural project is the responsibility of the Pitagoras Group office, based in Guimarães and with about 30 years of existence, whose partners are Raul Roque, Alexandre Coelho Lima and Manuel Roque.Pitagoras Group always works closely with its customers, companies and future users to create buildings and constructions that serve its beneficiaries and can be contemporary and distinctive reference elements, always considering the conditions and surroundings in which each project develops. Pithagoras permanently coordinates a multidisciplinary team of about 40 professionals, prepared for rapid response meeting the stablished deadlines to programs of increased complexity, leading each project, local or international, large or small, with a view to satisfying the general interest of its clients, always founded on strong architectural principles and ethics.

Pitagoras Group